Wednesday, 22 February 2017

How to Study without being stressed !!!!

Study is by far the most toughest job of any student or is it not ???

Parents saying study study study and study all the time is like never ending yet there is a brighter side . They say that to enlighten our future .Not only our parents but also all the well wishers advice us to study harder and more effectively . 
But is studying possible without worrying,day dreaming,slacking off,or without being stressed out every now and then . like days before exam , sudden tests ,worrying too much if things don't go through the head easily and so on .There are so many predictable situations that we are compelling or asking stress to come to us and make things more worse.

The thing is we lack sometimes simple tips and tricks not to mention few diligence and little bit of hard work which makes us worry,anxious,trouble some,confused and not to mention a whole lot of stressed .

So why don't i at first show the misdoings of every common student every now and then.

1.Most of the students are not as time giving on their own . What i mean to say is that they do not give proper timing in studies .This leads to a habit of studying when ever you please and what we get as a result is studying before the night tirelessly or even not having sleeps well enough before the exams.

2.Not having a proper schedule about what to study  .As we know we do not study one subject in every year.Most of the time it is about average 5 to 6 books and so to get good grades we must give equal effort to all of them .Some may require less timing yet going through known things makes us more confident and more chances occur towards us for the correction of faults and details.

3. Students do not keep concentration one topic at a time instead if they stumble upon some hard stuff they tend to loose balance and close the chapter and move on .This hinders the processing capability and innovative thinking of the mind.and when they face unknown stuff in questions this tends to stress them out.

4.Not being focused on the given article at a time and being distracted by other stuff like the all known Facebook ,Twitter and so on .and at the time when while doing multitasking with study you presumed you had it alas at that moment assumption takes over you and in reality you end up with more stressed while facing tests.

5.Making minds belief that they can do multi tasking at the same time while they are studying like a habit of many students listening to songs while doing sum and while doing so without that habit you might feel uncomfortable and lead to some sums being unsolved.

6.Not having a desired place to study and instead they prefer comfort zones like sofa and all stuff which leads to more distraction due to too much body comfort and ends up slacking and bitter sweet truth it makes you idle and making brain tissues more relaxed will make your brain realize you memorized every thing bit to the decimal detail.

and also so many things are out there .

So what you should do to avoid such tragic things 

1.Give proper timing equally to all the subjects you study and be sure to remember them by bed time .Try to make a habit of remembering everything you read all day before falling asleep as a glimpse of deeds.

2.Make your self a proper study schedule if you have the opportunity as it will polish up your skills every day basis and and sharpen your knowledge and a bit of advice think of it as a journey and exertion where you know nothing and excited to know more.

3.Make study a hobby not an occasion like marriage or any social stuff . Imagine like you are in the world of physics and learning things that you know ever knew existed and how does they operate .

4.Give your self self study hours and both group study time as it will boast your productivity and will encourage you to have better communication skill set and will have no problems in group discussions what so ever.

5.Do not make the habit of multi tasking please . As it will be only a tool of distortion ,as another tip i would recommend finish study hard and fast remember all stuff and close the study game and then open the virtual world at your pawn step .You will be amazed by that because you did work and now as a treat you are allowed to do what ever you like.

6.Go out and play out doors,do not slack off or be boring and too sleepy.Fitness plays a crucial role in our fitness and will make you more active and will boast your spirit.

7.Sleep well and try to take rest as much as is required never the less and never the more.

8.Go for trips and out of the ordinary stuff , hang out with friends , and families . Give time to the ones you love to be with in this short period of life and then you will feel the eager to work even harder as it will make you more hopeful and promising.

And for the last tip from my personal arsenal i would recommend listen to your heart some times , give up daily activity and school once in a month for a while and feel the world around you because you never know what is waiting for you unless you keep your eyes open .

Give break take day off enjoy now and then and study like it is a hobby and the one which is most interesting regardless how boring it may seem or how much hard it may be because mind set is the key to progress.

Hope you have a happy stressful life awaiting for you regards,

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