Wednesday, 1 March 2017

How to Spend your life

LIFE the  more we think we have understood it it all on a sudden shows us another colors of its composition and the more we dig deeper the more tend to learn out from it .The more we learn the lesser it seems . Yet it is fun to see how it changes so fast so quickly.

So at first we have to know what life is ??isn't it ??
LIFE to the very shortest definition i would suggest that it is the random and precise activities of our daily life that shapes our future and in the very end is written down as life till death . Merely simple acts of our daily activity to sudden change of our day to day life all in together is the result that we define as life .

So if i assume you know what life is then i would suggest you to do different things and try different sort of things in your life to figure out the one thing you are really good at and  you will be the leader leaving behind footsteps for the upcoming generation to walk on.At least this way they will have proper knowledge of what works and what not .I suggested you to try on things you think amusing and fun and recreational too.Life is all about what you do today and what are you wiling to do about the short comings of your life and standing tall till the very end .Try out things those attract your attention those things that draws your attention,things that makes you smile and keep you at it till the end.Doing things you like most and looking out for things to work along side is the greatest way one can be amazed and be productive at the same time .

  • For the next idea i would suggest to stick to those things you started , stick to the ideas you believe , stick to the track you know will lead to your success as one said belief and faith can even turn the pace of things up and down .Do believe but do not be blinded at the same time as there is a blur line between belief and blindly belief . It is about your thinking like as example if you say you can do it then you can do it but if you say you can not then you are correct too .As it takes one to believe to accomplish anything.

  • Choose the path you want to walk down and want to believe in and be ready to see even the worst of the worst times with unwavering courage and faith as you never know until you try .And do not be intimated by failure as it it is the stepping stone for success and will make you mature and more progressive.

  • Do never let the opinions of others to be your reality instead make your dreams and hopes reality by working you butt up side down and thriving and working tirelessly.Is LIFE about second chances ??surely guys i do not  believe so because thinking that life will give you another chance makes you  sloppy and more willing to make a mistake . in the process you loose your precious time and effort you have putted into it. So Do believe that their is a better tomorrow and do believe that things will work out some how as we are precipitant and never willing to give up . Thus even if you fail today you will get up tomorrow with fire in your eyes that i will succeed and as far as i am concerned that is what life is mostly about.

  • Chase your goals and dreams and focus on the future keeping the mistakes of the past written in your mind set .Help others and have a compassion to do so too .This will not only keep you kind and generous but will keep the stressed and anxious mind of yours checked and kept aside .

  • Showing generosity with not only kind and sweet words but also trying to make others smile a little by little ,helping those who are in need and keeping your calm is one way to lead happy life .

  • Do take up challenges and deadlines in work or day to day life as thus things will always be more fun and exciting too.

Last but not least is a proper goal set.Without something you want to archive and without something you have to protect or preserve you will find life meaningless. So set a mindset of Having a destination to reach out and work your way down the very path as one said success is a path not a destination .Remember you dreams hopes and expectations and work towards it and some day if you live long enough you will see through all of it .

So in a nutshell if i have to say what i have kept on mumbling on the upper spaces i will say in one line 
Being yourself under any situation ,keeping your head held high with smile and laughter in your face and full of positivity in your heart and with a goal and dream in mind to fulfill is the way to have a successful life .


What is stress and why menage it ??

Stress is one of the alarming problems that all age of people are being effected by .
Now a days it is a common fever from small school going students to hard working peoples everyone has stress building up inside them .whether it may be of educational pressure or promotion or salary-increment or finding job or about children care and so much more .with every new day new diseases turn up on the front page of news papers and the worst of them would be so called stress.Where there are instant cure for sickness except for some them but for this situation which is based on the mental situation of every one , takes time to come and also takes time to go too.Bad habits are not built up on one day and do  not gets cured on one moment too.
So the question is why are we so much anxious to know more about stress ??
What is stress and why does it happen ??
and why should we have to menage it ??
Is there any proper remedy for that and if so what ??

For this part i will be discussing about
What is stress and why control it:

Stress is the mental and moral break down or mental response of ones proper functionality and which is the cause of many problems in our day to day life to but is it beneficial or bad for us ??
As much as we are concerned stress is a bad thing right ??

Because we lead a complex life where many different things and situations happen in front of us within few seconds of time and some times we feel unable to focus on everything at a time .As we are not super beings and we are tied up by our own duties and obligations to the society we tend to loose focus on the little things in life and when we do realize it becomes either too late or at the peak hour of the event and that is the entry point of stress.For our generation we start struggling from inside the belly of our mother .We strive and fight for a place in the society to make a name for ourselves and to make every one feel proud and also to make jealous too and when so much is going on they why the hell on earth we end up worrying too much or feel to much under the weather when things go tough and we give in to the path of stress??Things in life are meant to be tough and sometimes surprising and in the middle of all these proper things that you have scheduled to do why give your brain some more extra load for crying over split milk or thinking about outcome of your doing and so on .

So is this a good thing or bad yet again!!

I would suggest up to the mark of toleration ,  it is a good thing

Is it really!!!

Yes it is as this keeps students work hard and sharpen them selves for making a better future , one lazy person wakes up from bed and runs for job to secure his future , one fat person joins the gym to reduce excessive material of his body by being worried about healthy life,one business man works harder than his colleagues to ensure his position and promotion and so on by giving into thoughts and stress and so on.

People who do not realize the facts of life,the truth about hard work,people who do not take their job seriously,the students who do not realize the importance of study,the importance of fitness and befits of leading a good life are the ones who give into stress quickly as they fail to realize things on staying on the comfort zone .So as for them the so called stress is a good thing to make them go all out and work harder and realization of the truth of the society we live in . 
people who have proper sense and understanding of the out come of their doings and have proper understanding of their situation must not give in to stress as you guys have already too much running in that big head of yours yet why need extra load to stay up all night and being unable to do your daily duties and in the process becoming more and more socialized and self-concerned and last but not least making your beloved ones worried??

Stress is a good buddy to hang out with while you have control over that and lots of time in your hand too but as a master it will torn you apart limb by limb . Having stress in a controlled manner motivates you to work better but having too much can harm your productivity and daily life too . Every one wants to lead a cozy life in which money falls from the sky but get realistic that stuff never happens . So to earn that comfort we need driving force and that comes little by little with stress which tells us to keep your butt up and get to work .By managing that simple thing we can ensure our good future . By doing so in the process of stress management we end up with experience and knowledge and learn about the hard ships of life that we would have never known while sitting on our couch and at the end when we get results of our own hardships and efforts it becomes the apple of Eden that is bestowed upon us by the grace of god himself.
As one said too much of anything is not good , so be diligent honest and productive and give the life a chance to show its true colors and not to mention the society it self . 


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